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Protein Tech

Protein Tech menyediakan produk-produk untuk mengetahui proses yang menyebabkan penyakit, meneliti proses-proses dalam sel, dan networking pada skala protein. Mempelajari sifat protein tingkat ekspresi, interaksi, modifikasi setelah translasi dan lainnya dalam skala besar untuk memperoleh pandangan jelas dan terintegrasi. Informasi lebih lanjut Hubungi kami melalui marketing@biosm-indonesia.com

Beberapa brand produk kami yang bisa kami tawarkan untuk Anda, ada diantaranya:

Azure Biosystems

At Azure Biosystems we are focused on the development and commercialization of state-of-the-art technologies to support research in the life science community. Founded in Dublin, California, Azure Biosystems develops high-performance instruments for image capture and analysis as well as high-quality reagents optimized to support select imaging applications. 


Technology : Protein Tech

Category : Instrument

Tosoh Bioscience

Tosoh Bioscience is an acknowledged global leader in the field of liquid chromatography with a focus on bioseparations. Established as TosoHaas in 1987, the original joint venture between Tosoh Corporation, Japan, and Rohm and Haas, USA, has become synonymous with advanced products and quality support. In the year 2000 it became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tosoh Corporation with sales, marketing, and technical service offices in the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Tosoh Bioscience GmbH and its diagnostic sister company, Tosoh Bioscience N.V., are one of several specialty chemical groups within the Tosoh Corporate family.   

Tosoh Bioscience offers solutions for research, drug discovery, clinical chemistry, environmental analysis, manufacturing, and other industrial applications. The product portfolio encompasses a comprehensive line of media and prepacked HPLC columns for all modes of liquid chromatography and GPC instruments. Tosoh Bioscience offers chromatographic workshops, on-site training, and is the sole sponsor of the International Conference on Hydrophobic Interaction and Reversed Phase Chromatography (HIC/RPC)

Our technical support specialists provide assistance in HPLC and process method development, chromatographic best practice, troubleshooting and provide in-depth on-site training and help packing process columns. 


Technology : Protein Tech

Category : Instrument

Molecular Devices

Providing innovative solutions for over 30 years

We provide our customers with innovative bioanalytical solutions for protein and cell biology in life science research, pharmaceutical, and biotherapeutic development.

With over 140,000 placements in laboratories around the world, our instruments have contributed to remarkable scientific research described in over 230,000+  peer-reviewed publications. Included within a broad product portfolio are platforms for high-throughput screening, genomic and cellular analysis, colony selection and microplate detection. We are over 1,100 associates strong with rich domain knowledge to support scientific breakthroughs. We are headquartered in Silicon Valley, the center of technology and innovation, with offices around the globe.


Technology : Protein Tech

Category : Instrument

Cygnus Technologies

Cygnus Technologies is the leading provider of assays and services for the detection and characterization of impurities, such as host cell proteins, in biopharmaceuticals. Building on innovative, proprietary technology, the company develops highly specialized analytical products that meet the unique needs of the pharmaceutical, vaccine, gene therapy, and biotechnology industries.

Impurity analysis is an important step in biotherapeutic regulatory approval and quality control processes. With kits, immunoassay reagents, orthogonal analysis services, and expert advice, Cygnus Technologies helps biopharmaceutical companies accelerate the movement of new therapeutics through the development and approval stages to market.

Cygnus Technologies also offers outsourcing capabilities, using highly specialized technologies to develop custom, target-specific antibodies and assays. A privately held company, Cygnus Technologies was acquired by Maravai LifeSciences in 2016. 


Technology : Protein Tech

Category : Instrument

SERVA Serving Scientists

60 years of experience in the supply of quality reagents at SERVA provides expertise in manufacture, development and distribution of products worldwide. This know-how is the platform for outstanding customer service - all you need to succeed. Our mission is to bring innovative products to the life sciences market, meeting our customers needs. Technical competence and total quality management are the basis for continuous improvement. 

We pursue the highest standards in product quality, workplace safety and responsibility for the environment we live in. We dedicate our capacity and integrity to guarantee consistent product performance and continuity of supply. We are certified for ISO 9001:2015.



Technology : Protein Tech

Category : Instrument