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BioSM Indonesia Company Profile

PT Biosains Medika Indonesia is a Company selling field of laboratory equipment, chemicals/reagents, medical devices, and laboratory equipment distributor stocks available are located in Jakarta. We have employees 40 staff (100% PMDN). We offer shopping/buying and selling fast, secure and comfortable with products ranging from general categories lab, chemicals, instruments, equipment, consumables, life sciences, healthcare, and lab furniture. We sell all the needs of laboratory equipment in hospitals, universities, research institutions, and industry.

Since 2011, our product portfolio has expanded and evolved to anticipate industry demands and to exceed our customers’ needs. Our product category: Cell-Tech, Protein-Tech, DNA-Tech, Diagnostic & General LAB.


To be a prominent an integrated biotechnology laboratory solution provider through qualified people & excellent service to assure customer satisfaction.


Contributing to improving the quality of biotechnology laboratories in Indonesia by adopting cutting edge laboratory technology.




  • Honest
  • Strong Character
  • High Commitment
  • Highly Spiritual
  • 2

    Innovative Spirit

  • Agen Of Change
  • Positive Mindsets
  • Taking Calculated Risk
  • Can-Do Approach
  • 3

    Creative Talent

  • Adventurer
  • Explore
  • Visionary
  • Inventor
  • Playful
  • 4

    Excelent Service

  • Ability
  • Attitude
  • Appearance
  • Attention

  • Capability


    Logistic Capability

    Dry Ice shipment: -20’C shipment for real time PCR cancer somatic mutation detection, Ice gel pack shipment: 2-8’C for antibodies, Room temperature shipment for non sensitive products.


    Registration Capability

  • IPAK = Izin Pengedar Alat Kesehatan (Medical Devices Distribution License).
  • API = Angka Pengenal Impor (Importation License), based on certain HS code.
  • 3

    International Trade Compliance Capability

    2014, Trained by Danaher (Molecular Devices), 2015, Trained by Agilent Technologies (Dako), 2016, Trained by Biotechne (R&D Systems)