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Virtual demo: Automate adherent stem cell manufacturing in a closed system
    Chao Sheng, Miltenyi Biotec
   29 Mei 2020
   (3:00 pm WIB)
Live webinar Manufacturing adherent cells, ...

Automated stem cell manufacturing, analysis, and sorting for clinical applications
    Chao Sheng, Miltenyi Biotec
   20 Mei 2020
   Jakarta, GMT+07:00 (
WEBINAR Regenerative medicine has become a key focus worldwide, ...

Beyond the Blot – Technical Advancements in Imaging and Scanning Technologies
    Dr. Brian Bauereis
   23 Juni 2020
   Jakarta, 10:30 AM
Exciting experimental paradigms using Azure Imaging Systems and SapphireTM Biomolecular Imager

Understanding IHC - The Basics
    Dr. Silvia Sbacci
   09 Juni 2020
   Jakarta, (9:00 pm WI
Understanding IHC - The Basics Join Dr. Silvia Sbacchi, the leader of ...

Comprehensive solutions for your Treg mouse and human research
    Niloufar Monhasery
   18 Juni 2020
   Jakarta,(3:00 PM)
Live webinar This webinar provides insights into our comprehensive ...